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          1. Careers

            JOIN OUR TEAM

            Our success can be attributed to the hard work and dedication of our entire team of employees.?In addition, the relevant experience of our executive management team contributes decades of combined industry know-how.

            JOB OPENINGS

            Sales Representative.
            We are looking for responsible and dedicated sales representatives, to market our products. No experience necessary, but previous experiences in sales and marketing will be helpful.

            The following qualifications are essential for this position:

            1)Verbal and written communications.
            2)Strong organizational skills.
            3)Strong computer skills.

            Distributors Wanted
            We are a contract and private labels Manufacturer. We are looking for distributors to partner with us to distribute their own name brands or our own brands to Salon, Spa, Dermatologist and Retail stores. Please join us.

            Independent Beauty Consultant Wanted
            We are looking for Independent Beauty Consultant with an entrepreneurial mindset, drive and motivation to be successful.


            ?Be Your Own Boss and Pave Your Way to Success!

            • Schedule your own sales appointments.
            • Work from home.
            • Meet and develop relationships with new business owners in your local area.
            • Utilize your Sales experience to prepare and present competitive sales proposals.
            • Conduct periodic customer service quality .
            • Work closely with a variety of sales Reps to accomplish your sales goals.

            Contact us Tel:866-611-9694, Fax: 203-361-3890 Or
            Email: customercare@www.hydroforming-press.com.